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Prevent Fear Of Fireworks

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Did You Know you Can Prevent Fireworks From Your Frightening Dog Most adults and children enjoy fireworks.  Those bursts of light almost seem magical.  However, the loud booms and cracks can cause anxiety in both humans and canines.  The noise frightens most dogs and they need us to make them feel safe. Did you know more [...]

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How To Have A Safe Holiday For Your Dog

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How To Have A Safe Holiday For Your Dog The holidays are when we get together, celebrate, and eat delicious meals.  We may even eat too much.  Maybe we eat too much because the smell of roasting turkey, baking pies, and everything else we cook on that day. Now if you are a dog, Holiday gatherings [...]

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Paws And The Self Stylin’ Dog In Your Life

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Paws And The Self Stylin’ Dog In Your Life Don’t you hate it when it rains after you cleaned your car? It seems inevitable at times. What could be worse? Ask any dog owner. Somehow, the dog will appear with wet, muddy feet the moment after the floors been cleaned. If you can relate, then it is [...]

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Kids & Dogs

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Help Kids Learn How To Approach Dogs The Right Way   Most kids love dogs and want to pet them. The same is true of adults. Most parents will tell their kid to ask permission from the owner. Even adults should ask permission before petting someone's dog.   You may be someone who enjoys meeting new [...]

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Halloween Does Not Have To Be Scary For Your Dog   Fall is here, which means Halloween is near.  Ringing doorbells reveal both the scary and sweet, singing trick or treat.  When your dog hears the doorbell, it can mean a series of barks that drown out the loudest trick or treaters.  Even if your dog [...]

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