Bootcamp Board-and-Train

$630/ 1 week
  • 1-Week $630
  • 2-Week $1,260
  • 3-Week $1,890
  • 4-Week $2,520
  • 5-Week $3,150
  • Note: MUST Sign up for the Bootcamp Consult before Proceeding with Bootcamp Board-and-Train, See Below.

The Bootcamp Consult

$150/ consultation
  • A prerequisite to Bootcamp Board-and-train
  • Professional Consultation with You and Your Dog
  • Non Refundable
  • **Consult fee applies towards Bootcamp fee upon booking**

How it Works

1. Fill Out the Discovery Questionnaire:

2. Book your Bootcamp Consult Online. All sales are final. No refunds.

Bootcamp Board-and-Train

Do you need help socializing your new puppy and want to set it up for success as an adult? Or do you need help getting a jump start on your dog’s training? (Note: if your dog has separation anxiety you must start with private lessons.)?

If you answered yes, our Bootcamp Board-and-Train may be the solution for you!

Our Bootcamp Board-and-Train is a 1 to 5 week program using science-based positive training to train you and your dog. It is created to train your dog while teaching you how to continue training when your dog goes home. Under the guidance of our professional trainer team, you will get hands-on experience to learn how to train your dog yourself while your dog is here being trained by the trainers.

Sign up for Bootcamp Board-and-Train and put your dog on the fast track to learning today!

Note: The Bootcamp Consult is a prerequisite to Bootcamp Board-and-Train.
In the Bootcamp Consult we evaluate you and your dog to determine if Bootcamp Board-and-Train is a good fit for your goals. If Bootcamp Board-and-Train is not a good fit, we may have you start with private lessons following the plan we create in the consult or possibly a boarding trial to get your dog ready for Bootcamp.

There is a $150 consultation fee which is non refundable. However, if you continue to the bootcamp program, this fee will be applied towards your bootcamp board-and-train.