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Lead Me On University offers classes designed to give you and your dog a full education from kindergarten all the way through University level.

All classes teach you Clicker Training which is based in the science of Behaviorism. We teach you how to use Positive Reinforcement through Classical and Operant conditioning.

Classical Operant
Associative Cognitive
Uses associations Uses consequences
Walking harness predicts going for a walk Sit earns a treat

The classes are set up as a modular system. The behaviors taught in the modules are specifically chosen to complement each other. The Modules are designed so you can pick the behaviors that you are most interested in learning. The skills are broken down into levels which allows learners (both dogs and humans) to learn at their own pace.

We understand that training your dog is not the only responsibility you have in your life. The schedule is designed to allow you to take classes when and how often works best for you.

The program is very flexible:

  • Modules – allow you to pick what behaviors you want you and your dog to learn.
  • Levels – allow you to learn at your own pace.
  • Class Schedule – allows you to take classes when you have time and pick up where you left off.

How the Classes Work

  • Each Module is made up of a series of Skills.
  • Each Skill has a series of Levels.
  • Each Level has criteria designed for mastery and success.
  • A module is considered complete once its respective skills and levels have been achieved.
German shepherd with trainer

We offer the following programs at Lead Me On University:
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The Social Puppy Program

The Pet Dog Program

The Private Lessons Program 

The Composed Canine Program: for the Reactive Rover 

The Bootcamp Board & Train Program

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