Training Philosophy

Lead Me On’s approach to training is all about clear, positive communication. We are passionate about helping you and your dog communicate better with each other. Whether your end goal is an all-around, well-mannered dog, a competitive champion, or the resolution of serious behavior issues, we can help. By focusing on positive training methods instead of bad behaviors, your dog will trust you and be more inclined to do what you want. When you focus on the undesired behaviors, you become a source of anxiety for your dog. With our training programs, we show you how to properly reward desired behavior and develop a strong friendship with your dog.


Here at Lead Me On, we use positive methods based on the science of behaviorism. We teach you how to change behavior by using the environment and reinforcers to build a strong relationship. Using this science-based positive training approach, we teach you and your dog skills needed for success in any environment.


We want you and your dog to enjoy your training even when you are having problems. We can help you with house manners, public manners, reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and more. And we make sure there’s plenty of fun stuff in between the hard stuff!


Some dog behavior issues are a result of a health or medical condition. We have an extensive history of working with local veterinarians to identify causes of behavior when there are possible health related reasons. Veterinarians focus on how your dog’s health influences behavior, and we focus on how your dog’s motives influence behavior.

corgi dog shaking a paw with smile on face