Ursula Founder & Owner
In 2004, Ursula decided to leave Corporate America and follow her dream of a life working with dogs. Moving from the Seattle area to Olympia, Ursula has pursued that dream with passion becoming one of the preeminent dog trainers in the Puget Sound. She greatly enjoys finding creative ways to work with dogs using a positive methods. Karen Pryor Academy certified and committed to positive training methodology, Ursula can help you and your dog live a better life together.



  • TAGteach Level 1

Our Trainers

CeceTraining Manager / Trainer
Cece has a lifetime of passion for all things dog and has 10+ years of professional dog training experience. She got her start training basic obedience to dogs headed into the Service Dog world. She then spent the next 8 years in the doggy daycare industry studying and learning dog body language. Cece is currently working on her CPDT certification through the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and TAGteach Level 1 certification through TAGteach International. She lives with 3 spunky Italian greyhounds and a pitbull.
Kristina has experience working as a Veterinary technician/assistant and has studied over 40 books on dog training, dog behavior, and various breeds. She has had 8 years of hands on experience, primarily in loose leash walking, tricks, and coming up with a personalized plan for you and your pooch. Kristina’s personal dog was trained as a puppy and now knows 24+ cues as well as scent work and shed antler hunting. Dog training has been a passion of hers from a very young age and she cannot wait to meet you and your furry (or not furry!) friend.


Rae attended college at Washington State University, where she graduated with a B.S. in Zoology. She has worked with dogs for years in various settings, including boarding, grooming, volunteering at shelters, and positive-reinforcement training since graduating in 2019. Rae rescued her first dog from the shelter at which she volunteered during high school, a corgi-mix named Wilbur. He has been her best friend since the day she brought him home. The other two members of Rae’s pack are a Husky mix named Kuzco and a Pembroke Corgi puppy named Dudley.


  • Fear Free
  • TAGteach Level 1

Kennel Managers

kayla and her pup wren
KaylaKennel Manager
Kayla has had experience in many fields from welding to care giving, but caring for animals has been most rewarding. Working on a sheep farm for 10 years she learned a lot about hard work, and how to care for 80 + animals.
Kayla and her pup Wren look forward to helping you and your dog find a place for them to come and stay, or to get started on training to better you and your dog’s relationship!
AarynKennel Manager

Kennel Attendants


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