Help Kids Learn How To Approach Dogs The Right Way


Most kids love dogs and want to pet them. The same is true of adults. Most parents will tell their kid to ask permission from the owner. Even adults should ask permission before petting someone’s dog.


You may be someone who enjoys meeting new people. On a bad day, you do not want to. A new person wants to meet you that day. They ask your friend to introduce you. Your friend agrees without knowing you are not up to the task.


You would not be happy with your friend. They should ask and give you the opportunity to decide.

Dogs, like people, can have bad days. The owner may not be aware he is having a bad day. After all, the dog is acting normally.


Many people were taught to offer the back of their hand. This is done to let the dog familiarize himself with you. After this short introduction, you reach out and pet the dog. Would you be surprised to learn this is not the correct introduction?


You asked the owner’s permission but not the dogs. Just as your friend should have asked for your permission, you should ask the dog. You can ask the owner for the dog’s name or ask the dog to come to you. If the dog agrees and comes to you, introduce yourself. This is the time to offer the back of your hand.


This is not only the right approach, but it is also the safest. It should be noted that it is rare for a dog to bite a stranger. Most dog bites occur with a dog familiar to you. Even then, it is rare. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.


What if the dog does not come to your kid? Your kid may think the dog does not like her. Tell them the dog does not feel like saying hi right now. This is better than putting the owner on the spot.


Educating your kid about these 3 steps is important. Demonstrating this with your kid present is the best way for them to remember. You do not want your kid to be afraid of dogs. You want them to treat dogs with respect. Asking the dogs permission is showing them your respect.


You can access the “How To Greet Dogs” poster and ebook from Dr. Sophia Yin’s website.  You can also access posters about How Kids Should Interact With Dogs and How Kids Should NOT Interact With Dogs.


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