Did You Know you Can Prevent Fireworks From Your Frightening Dog

Most adults and children enjoy fireworks.  Those bursts of light almost seem magical.  However, the loud booms and cracks can cause anxiety in both humans and canines.  The noise frightens most dogs and they need us to make them feel safe.

Did you know more dogs run away during holidays associated with fireworks than at any other time? The loud sounds caused by fireworks affect dogs nervous systems.  Their hard-wired survival instincts sense danger which produces a fear response.   Hunting and other working dogs are desensitized to the noise.  If your dog is not desensitized, his natural survival response is flight.

The best way to help your dog stay calm during the fireworks show is by covering up the noise and visual effects.  Unless you live in a soundproof home, you will need to make preparations.  Fortunately, preparations are easy with the right plan.

You want a small room that is comfortable for your dog.  Make sure windows are covered so the dog does not see the bombs bursting in air.  Blinds, medium to heavy drapes, or blankets and towels will do the trick.

You want good air quality and flow in the room.  Control the temperature of the room for your dogs’ comfort.  Set the temperature cooler than what is comfortable for you if you have a medium or a large dog.  Small dogs prefer the same room temperature as we do.  Include fresh water and a comfortable place for them to lie down too.

Items Needed To Mask Noise

  • 1-2 Box Fans
  • 2 Radios or Music Players (more may be needed for larger rooms)


  1. Place radios at opposite ends of a small room.
  2. If you have more than 2 radios, place them in different locations around the room. Ideal locations are near windows and walls facing towards the home’s interior so the sound ifscoming from the same direction as the fireworks.
  3. Set each radio to a different station or play different CDs.
  4. When each radio set to different stations, it creates a cacophony of random noise.
  5. Dogs will interpret any firework noise as a random sound, like drums, when different stations are set.
  6. Fans are an added measure to block noise and should be placed where they do not blow towards your dog.

Monitor your dog for signs of distress once the fireworks begin.  If he is distressed or you can hear the fireworks, turn up the radios.  The sweet spot is when your dog relaxes and gives you a look that says “It’s kinda loud in here don’t ya think?”  You can also distract him at random intervals by having him perform a behavior that results in getting one of those yummy treats he smells.  Most dogs will fall asleep though as a way of escaping the cacophony of noises.

If you have headphones, you may want to wear them because the loud music and competing stations can be annoying.  While you may experience a little discomfort, it is worthwhile because your dog is relaxed and happy.  You will feel better too because you have a plan to keep him calm during an event that is scary to him.

Contact Lead Me On today about boarding your dog on New Years and the 4th of July.  Our staff will keep your dog calm and safe during the fireworks show.  Email is the best method for a timely response.  We are often away from the phone taking care of the dogs in our care or training. [email protected] or (360) 878-8407.  You can find out more about our training and us, along with rates and packages at https://www.leadmeontraining.com/training.