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Helping you better communicate with your dog is our passion. Whether your end goal is an all-around, well-mannered dog, a competitive champion, or the resolution of serious behavior issues, we can help. Clear, positive communication and the ability to read what your dog is attempting to tell you are the foundation of a healthy relationship between you and your dog.


Here at Lead Me On, we utilize positive methodologies based on the science of behaviorism. These positive methods focus on your dog’s specific behaviors, their environments, and forming a healthy relationship between the two. With our science-based positive training approach, we focus on helping your dog develop the skills necessary to find success and conquer any type of environment.


Does your dog lack home manners? Public manners? Have special needs? We can help you identify the issue and and create a management plan that includes setting up an environment where your dog can only practice desired behaviors. In turn, the environment will restrict your dog from practicing undesired behaviors. You will have the opportunity to learn skills on how to best handle your dog in environments where you have less control — so your dog can be a success.


Some dog behavior issues are a result of a health or medical condition. We have an extensive history of working with local veterinarians to identify causes of behavior — especially when there are health related reasons. Veterinarians focus on the influences on your dog’s health, and we focus on the motives of behavior.


By focusing on positive training methods instead of bad behaviors, your dog will begin to trust you and be more inclined to do what you want. When you only focus on the negative behaviors, you become a source of anxiety for your dog. By rewarding for positive behavior, you can begin to developing a strong friendship between you and your dog — and we can help.

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Training Packages

The Social Puppy

as low as $30/ 1 class
  • 1 Class for $30
  • 6 Class Package for $155
  • 10 Class Package for $223

How It Works

  1. Contact us (puppy must be under 4 months)
  2. Receive email with upcoming class dates
  3. Confirm attendance

The Social Puppy

In this class, we focus on teaching you how to properly socialize your puppy. Socialization involves gradual exposure to the world allowing your puppy to build confidence and feel comfortable with new experiences. During class we will present exercises and games that allow your puppy to see, hear, smell, and touch the world around them. We will practice exposure to people, animals, and objects using a combination of calm observation and guided interaction. You will learn techniques to manage the challenges of raising a new puppy and to make thoughtful decisions regarding your puppy’s socialization outside of class. Puppies must be under 4 months to attend.

Private Lessons

as low as $45/ half-hour
  • 1/2 Hour Lesson for $45
  • 1 Hour Lesson for $95

How It Works

  1. Complete training questionnaire
  2. Receive email with recommended package
  3. Select desired package and schedule your lesson(s)

Private Lessons

In private lessons, we watch you train your dog and provide guidance in real-time. The focus is to teach you how to train and best communicate with your dog. Your instructor will help you craft a training plan tailored to your individual needs, then coach you on the skills needed to be successful. Supplementary homework will be provided between lessons to better help you reach your overall goals.

Composed Canine

as low as $40/1-Hour Group Lesson
  • Start with: 1 Hour Group Lesson (no dogs) $40
  • Continue with: Private Lessons, $90/Hour
  • Continue with: Reactive Dog Out & About, 1-Class $40
  • Continue with: Reactive Dog Out & About, 6-Class Package $215

How It Works

  1. Complete training questionnaire
  2. Receive email to schedule phone consultation
  3. Select and schedule your package

Composed Canine

Does your dog get over stimulated in public and ignore your voice? Does your dog react to the door bell or go out of his mind when you or your guests arrive? Does your dog seem to get upset over ordinary, everyday things? The list can go on.

This class is designed to teach you:

  • Why dogs do these things
  • What is going on in the brain
  • How to read your dog’s body language
  • Build a dialog between you and your dog, so your dog will trust you to lead them
  • What type of learning can be done when your dog is out of control
  • Exercises to get you and your dog past these problems and on to more fun learning

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