Keep this tab open to view instructions for booking, below.

How to book your Composed Canine Intro Package online using our SuperSaas calendar:

All sales are final. No refunds.

Book Your Composed Canine Intro Package

  • 1. Click the Book Intro Package button below: This will take you to our online calendar where you will login/create an account (Keep this page with instructions open for your reference as you use the on-line calendar).
  • 2. Look for “Composed Canine Introduction (NO DOGS)” in the list of Available Classes. It is scheduled every other week so you may need to scroll through the list by clicking on the page numbers below the list to find it.
  • 3. Once you find the class you want to attend, click on that class.
  • 4. Click on New Reservation to reserve your spot. The system will prompt you to purchase credits. Purchase the Composed Canine Intro Package and follow the instructions. Make sure you return to the Schedule page to complete your reservation after you purchase your Intro Package.
  • **When creating your reservation, use the prerequisite code NONE.**
  • 5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on: what to bring to class, facility safety policies, COVID-19 rules, address, directions, etc. PLEASE READ THIS E-MAIL COMPLETELY SO THAT YOU ARE PREPARED FOR CLASS.
 If you do not receive a confirmation please call our office:  (360) 878-8407. 

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